Why should you choose Battaglia Security & Investigative Services?

What makes us different?

First, we send a skilled security consultant to your business to discuss and analyze your unique security needs. We do not employ sales personnel. After conducting a preliminary assessment, we will design a security solution tailored to meet your requirements.

Second, we spend considerable resources recruiting and training our personnel. We have made a decision to exceed Maryland training requirements for our security officers. Why? Simply because we know there is a clear relationship between superior training and superior performance! It’s another example of what separates Battaglia from other providers.

Finally, we are interested in developing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. We are not interested in simply establishing investigative contracts and billable contract security hours.

What is the Battaglia Security difference?

The difference is our corporate philosophy. We are passionate about excellence, and are driven by the client’s needs.

Our security personnel are conscientious professionals that are reliable and thoroughly discreet. They possess the required state licenses, and receive on-going training beyond the basics. As an example, we include ‘public relations skills’ and ‘violence intervention techniques’ training. We protect more than your property; we protect your image by insuring that our personnel are ambassadors of company goodwill.

We enjoy a strong relationship with the Baltimore City Police Department as well as other state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Our business practices and lower overhead keep your investment in security simple and at a reasonable level.

You can count on Battaglia to be responsive to your needs.

Investigative Services

Our state licensed private investigators are discreet, professional, and competent. A comprehensive listing of services is available on the 'Services' page. 



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