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About Battaglia Security &
Investigative Services, Inc.

A Tradition of World Class Leadership

Our security and investigative company was first incorporated in Baltimore, Maryland in 1985 as “F.J. Battaglia & Associates”, by the former Commissioner of the Baltimore City Police Department, Frank Battaglia.  Commissioner Battaglia and several of his top command officers built a company based on professionalism, cost effectiveness, and quality service. They utilized the same leadership principles that made Baltimore one of the safest cities in America during the 1980’s.

After the retirement of Commissioner Battaglia, the company underwent a series of reorganizations. In 2007, under the leadership of President Don Arnold, we restructured our operations to more effectively manage the increasing threats of terrorism, gangs, and organized crime in Baltimore and the surrounding areas.


At Battaglia Security & Investigative Services, we developed our professional reputation by providing a full service agency with commitment, diligence, unique resources, creativity, and tenacity on behalf of our clients. Battaglia Security & Investigative Services’ main focus is customer satisfaction. Professional service can encompass many types of security and investigative needs, some of which are shown on the 'Services' page.  Your specific need may not be listed but we encourage you to call to discuss what you would like to accomplish.


Our attitude is that every phone call is important to Battaglia Security & Investigative Services and your satisfaction is our goal!


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